Is Warleigh Weir being closed to the public?

There is a very real chance that the area which is used by the public will be completely closed off in the very near future.

How can the closure be prevented?

There are two things that have to change immediately to prevent closure of the site.

Firstly there cannot be any rubbish left on the site.   This includes small traces in the field as well as bagged rubbish.  If you bring it to the site you can take it away.

Secondly, people need to stop trying to park near Warleigh Weir.   If you want to enjoy the Warleigh Island and Weir you should walk, cycle or get the bus.

Access & Safety

How do I get to Warleigh Weir?

Visit the Location page here to learn how to get to Warleigh Weir by bike, walking, canoe and canal boat.

Can I cycle to Warleigh Weir?

Absolutely!  Make your way down the Avon and Kennet Canal and come off at Claverton Pumping Station.

Is there parking at Warleigh Weir?

No.  There is no provision for parking at Warleigh Weir or on the river island.   Cars are not welcome at Warleigh Weir.  get out of your car, get on your bike, use public transport or walk.

Is Warleigh Weir Safe?

The site is working agricultural land which has numerous and ever-changing risks and hazards.  It is up to any person visiting the site to decide if they are both aware of the risks and satisfied to accept them.  Info on the Safety page may be useful. There is no supervision or active management of the site.

Can I swim in the river?

As with any un-supervised body of water there is little to stop you from jumping or swimming into it.  But beware that this is dangerous and you do so at your own risk. Read more on the Safety page

Can I use BBQs on the island?

Absolutely not!   This is very damaging to the land, creates unpleasant smells and is not at all necessary.  If you see anyone doing this please remind them that they are on private land and need to treat it properly.


What plant life is at Warleigh Weir?

The plants and trees in the surrounding land are an incredible mix of oak, birch, willow and many other species.

What animal life is at Warleigh Weir

The river avon includes various fish species including carp, pike, perch and others.  On top of the water you may find geese, swans and ducks. On the surrounding land there are moles, badgers, foxes and other species typical of the British countryside.

Can I feed the wild life?

Please do not.   The wild life is just fine without human food and feeding  could harm them.


Can I have a picnic at Warleigh Weir?

The land owner has no objection to people having picnics at Warleigh Weir.   But you must take away all rubbish and scrap food with you. Please read about the project’s Values

Are there toilets at Warleigh Weir?

No.  There are no amenities whatsoever at Warleigh Weir.

Is there shelter at Warleigh Weir?

No.  There is no shelter except for the shade of some trees.

Is there drinking water at Warleigh Weir?

No.   You must bring your own drinking water and take away any packaging from the site.  Drinking from the River Avon is not recommended and could cause serious illness

Can I buy food and drink at Warleigh Weir?

No.  There are no retail outlets at Warleigh Weir.

Land Management

Who manages Warleigh Weir?

The weir itself and the river is the responsibility of the Canal and River Trust in conjunction with the environment Agency.  Their websites are here:

Who is responsible for the train tracks?

These are the property and responsibility of Network Rail.  More information on Network Rail can be found here. Please also visit this page for some important safety notes

Network rail recently released an update on the safety of the level crossing that is used to access the island

Who manages the River Island at Warleigh Weir?

This is managed by the Warleigh Weir Project which is non-profit social enterprise made up of volunteers and contributors from the area.   If you want to get involved please visit the “Get Involved” page here.

Can I camp at Warleigh Weir

No, camping is not permitted.  There are occasional excepts when the Founders of The Warleigh Weir Project allows community groups to use the site for camping.

Are there public access rights to Warleigh Weir

The land at Warleigh Weir is privately owned.  It is not public land.  There is a public right of way across the river island to the old ferry crossing.   There is not right of access across the field to the river.

Will Warleigh Weir always be available for people to use?

The Warleigh Weir Project has been setup with a vision to allow future generations to enjoy this beautiful spot.  However, for this to continue people must respect the land but not leaving rubbish on the land.   If rubbish issues continue it is likely that access to the river will be fenced off.

How do I get in contact with the Warleigh Weir Project?

You are invited to get in contact to discuss how you can get involved with the Warleigh Weir Project.   Please also get in contact if you want to utilise the land for projects which are in line with the Project Values.   All contact should be done via