The Project and Values

The Warleigh Weir Project was setup to ensure that this beautiful area remains available for generations to come and that is sustainable.

The Warleigh Weir Project is underpinned by a series of values that all users must share in order for the land owners to continue to allow free access. If these values are not followed access to the site will be removed.


All activities that take place at Warleigh Weir must be such that they can continue to take place year after year and for future generations.

Leave No Trace

Users of Warleigh Weir must leave no trace of having being there – “Take only memories, leave only footprints”.

Rubbish free

Everything you bring to The Warleigh Island must be taken away.   If you see rubbish left by others pick it up and take it with you.

Plastic free

Avoid all use of plastic, hydrocarbons and other non-sustainable materials

Respect and Community

Show respect and kindness to all other users.


The Warleigh Weir Project is intended to help educate all users on matters of sustainability, ecology and having a symbiotic and positive relationship with the outdoors.  All users are asked to share this in whatever way they can.

Share ideas and experiences

Be open to meeting new people, sharing ideas and connecting in new ways.

Personal responsibility for safety

You are responsible for your own safety.  You must be continually assessing the dangers around you and responding to these dangers accordingly.