What’s On

Saturday November 24 – Tree Planting Hosted by “More Trees in Bath and North East Somerset” (AKA More Trees BANES).

More Trees BANES are a seriously cool community group with a very basic objective: to plant more trees in BANES.

Learn more about More Trees BANES here:  https://www.facebook.com/moretreesbanes/

More Trees BANES will be hosting this event and will be arranging for the trees to be delivered.    The objective is to plant and cultivate a community orchard and indigenous woodland.  So the trees being planted will include various fruit trees, oaks, hazel and others.    The layout will allow wildlife movement between the trees as well as help create more zones on the river island to allow a wider range of user activity.   The trees may take a few years to start bearing fruit but it will be incredible to see the space develop and for all contributors to know they played a role in this project.

We will be allowing cars to park in the field on the day and there will be a steward manning the level crossing from 8.30am.    The activity briefing will take place at 9.30am.   Coffee, tea and first aid will be provided.   Bring your own lunch.  Please bring your own spade if you have one as there will be limited suppliers onsite.   Bring study footwear and clothing that is appropriate for adverse weather.

At the end of the session we will have a campfire dinner for all participants who stay this late. Please bring a plate and fork.

The Warleigh Weir Project will be funding the tree purchasing from income taken from site donations and retail concessions.  But if you want to contribute to More Trees BANES for their running costs and other projects please visit this page:  https://localgiving.org/moretreesbanes


Events for 2019 – Ideas welcome!

The draft list of TBC events for 2019 include:

“Solar Sonic” – an experiment of solar-powered acoustic music performances.   Let’s see how we can enjoy music from the sun.  Musicians and performers welcome.  Note that this will be low-volume so as to not disturb the community or people and creatures living nearby.

“Solar Cinema” – an experiment in solar battery powered cinema.  Ideas for license-free films welcome!   Please get in touch if you have a film or artistic content you would like to share.

“Bristol to Warleigh Half” – A half marathon running event leaving from Bristol and ending at Warleigh

“Sixth Annual Warleigh Tyre Float” – something of a tradition!   Float from Dundas Aquaduct to Warleigh Weir in home-made rafts, canoes or tyres.   Finishing with a picnic and swim.

“Drone Day” – a day of UAV flying with land owner permission.    The best footage and photos will be featured on this website.

“Warleigh Family Camp” – a community camping event on the River Island with consent from the landowner.   Activity leaders are invited to do sessions on bushcraft and camping skills.

“Warleigh Weir Project Guradians Day” – day of site maintenance including fine litter picking, clearing any debris from the river and whatever other work needs to be done.

“Step Building Day” – a day to make the steps to the water safer.   Hard-grafters required!

“Ice Cream Days” – Funky Cool Bananas will be back in 2019 to sell their awesome ice creams.  This time they will be experimenting with zero-packaging products.  They will come down on days that look hot.

Please get in touch to discuss ideas you might have which are in line with the Project Values.  Please email hello@warleighweir.co.uk