Litter Education

Litter on the river island and people leaving bags of rubbish is the number one problem for the Warleigh Weir Project right now. Indeed, this behaviour threatens the future accessibility of the site. Giving a polite reminder to people littering that the site does not have bins and that they must take rubbish home is highly effective. In addition to this, requesting that site users take more rubbish away than they brought to site is highly effective. It really is that simple!

Litter Educators are given full training on how to best approach people and the project values. Hi-vis and deck chair provided!

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Parking Steward

On busy days (IE any day that is warm) there is a very real issue with cars driving down ferry lane looking for parking. As Ferry Lane is very narrow this can quickly create a very serious grid-lock situation as cars cannot get out. In this role the volunteer advises drivers at the top of the land as to whether there is parking or not, as well as where else they may wish to park

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Litter Picking

Just a few hours of litter picking in the field can make a huge difference to the site. Even small amounts of litter are harmful to people, animals, the water course and ground. As a litter picker you would walk the field and collect rubbish into a bag.

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Building a Bike Rack and Service Point

A bike rack would help people to have better cycle access to the site. This would involve some solid metal bars to lock bikes to, as well as the installation of an outdoor bike pump. For this we need donations of materials, expertise and materials.

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Yoga and Meditation

It would be fantastic to hear from anyone who might wish to use the River Island for yoga, meditation or other wellness activities! The Project could facilitate adjustments to the site, as well as improved access for such sessions. Please get in touch

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Planting Indigenous trees in the field

One of the main goals of the project is to increase indigenous population of plant life. Donations or labour, expertise or money are invited to help with this.

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Use of Site

If you have a project that could benefit from the land at The Warleigh Weir project please get in touch by emailing  

All activities must be in line with the Project Values.